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The "Reset Breath" - (1 min 26 sec)

        Ready.. Set.. Relax.

The foundation of the Next in Mind Method

The Reset Breath
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The Reset Breath meditation teaches your child an easy one minute technique to feel control over a negative feeling as well as how to start all of their future mind work. You should try it too! 

It's called a Reset Breath because kids are very familiar with hitting the reset button on their electronics when devices are glitching and not working smoothly. Same thing for their brains, just a different operating system! It's a concept all of us can relate to.  

Every time a moment of stress, anger, anxiety, or nervousness arises – immediately use a Reset Breath. Your child will feel more in control, relaxed and ready to proceed with whatever situation is stressing them out. It can be done anywhere, with your eyes open or closed. 

The more your child does the Reset Breath the more it creates a powerful habit of using one in times of stress. Soon, just thinking of the first word “Ready” and taking a deep breath will trigger a feeling of control and calm in your child. This is a lifelong skill they will use over and over.  

Tips on how to teach your child the Reset Breath:

  •  Practice it yourself before introducing to your child so you become familiar with it.

  • Tell a story. Try a Reset Breath when you have a stressful moment and tell your child how it helped you feel better. Kids love to hear real life examples of “mind power”. “I was in a rush today at the grocery store behind someone who was taking forever and I was about to lose it! I did a Reset Breath right there in line and I felt much better. I stayed calm instead of blurting out a negative comment I would regret and went on my way”.

  • Explain the Reset Analogy. Just like hitting the reset button on their electronics when things are wonky, taking a Reset Breath can do the same for their mind. A little break and a fresh start. 

  • Practice it together. Children are biologically wired to mimic their parents. The amazing side effect for you is becoming more mindful from learning these techniques! Calm parents = calm kids.

  • Ask questions and praise. Encourage your child to describe the feelings in their mind and body. Ask them how they feel after a Reset Breath and reinforce how quick and easy it was to do. Ask regularly about times they used a Reset Breath to make them feel better and positively reinforce how awesome they are for using their own minds to feel better!

  • Encourage regular practice. Incorporate a daily practice of at least 1 breath together. This could be before a busy time like trying to get out the door or right before dinner when the energy is frenetic. Use it as a tool when your child is heading toward a meltdown! “Let’s take a Reset Breath”.  Awesome technique to remind your child to use their own mind first to take a break and gain control.

  • Start every meditation with it. This triggers your child’s mind to go to a more calm, relaxed state, and ready to meditate and practice other Next in Mind techniques. All NIM recorded meditations start with a Reset Breath to create this trigger; however the intention of learning these techniques is for your child to be able to use them on their own anytime, anywhere – no device needed!     

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