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The Sleep Elevator - (7 min)

A technique that can help you relax and drift off to sleep

The Sleep Elevator
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"I can't fall asleep!" 

Have your heard this from your child before? As parents we naturally want to fix uncomfortable things for our children. Even better - why not give your child a strategy to fix solve their problem themselves? A strategy they can use for years to come into adulthood.

"The Sleep Elevator" gives parents and children a tool they can use to help fall asleep without the need for external props. Things like sound machines, soft music, and comforting stuffed animals can all contribute to a calm sleep environment BUT sleep techniques like "The Sleep Elevator" rely on nothing other than your child's mind. Which is already active since they can't fall asleep! 

This meditation teaches your child what they can do in their mind when they when they're having a tough time settling into sleep. Listening to the guided meditation a few times can be helpful in the beginning to learn the technique, and can also be used after they learn it when they need extra-strength sleep help. Repeated use of sleep techniques ingrains in the mind a go-to relaxed state of drifting off to sleep. After using it a few times the images in the meditation will start to trigger feelings of relaxation and the feeling of sleepiness.


In "The Sleep Elevator" your child imagines they're lying on a comfy cushion inside of an elevator that takes them down lower and lower to sleep. They visualize counting backwards from 10, going down floor by floor. This focuses their wandering mind on a repetitive soothing activity that brings on sleep.

Let your child know they can always start on a higher floor if they are wired and feel like they need a longer elevator trip. It's fun the next day to ask what floor they think they fell asleep on.

These techniques are all designed to give your child mental tools to increase their well-being and self-reliance. No devices needed!