What am I doing with my life?

Juno Beach, FL

I have asked myself this question many times in my 43 years starting in elementary school. Prompted first by fill-in-the-blank workbooks asking "What do you want to be when you grow up?". I looked back at one of these books as an adult to uncover a golden clue to the mystery of the true essence of my inner child to see my answer scribbled: "Chinese". So.. While young me was apparently a cheeky little child, that route of self-discovery hasn't illuminated my purpose on earth.

Let's cut to it. I followed a cookie cutter, check-the-box life plan and hit the autoplay button for a few decades. I had amazing life experiences I would not trade and two amazing kids to show for it. I also got divorced and had to renovate my life, career, and core values. It can be heavy lifting as anyone who has gone through this can attest to. It's life changing in the best of circumstances and tests everything you're made of when it gets messy.

I was fortunate to come across several speakers, authors, and programs that help me through this unplanned stage of life. Not just to survive it, but to get massive clarity, uncover my passions and set fire to my purpose on the planet.

I asked what bothered me on the planet. What kept me up at night? What personally spoke to me as a huge problem in the world that I would help fix if I could? The answer crystallized through hard work, not magic. To radically improve mental health in our society.

What do I think could change the face of humanity in this climate of increasing uncertainty and proportionate decrease in mental health? I had to look hard at my interests that intersected.

I realized the BIGGEST gift I received in my life was learning meditation, mindfulness, and mind techniques as a young child. It created an operating system for me that has not left my side, empowered me during times of uncertainty and even hopelessness. It gave me tools (which feel like super powers) to develop this UNstoppable deep "knowing" that everything is going to be ok. Beyond ok - wonderful beyond imagination.

What a gift that would be to then also teach this to other kids. What an honor it would be to have impacted the state of mental health in kids that went on to be thriving adults.

So this is Next in Mind. It is a platform for a movement to improve mental health and collectively raise the world's vibration level starting at baseline with our children. It will provide content such as resources, tips, and meditations for kids and ways for parents to introduce these tools. Techniques for breathing, relaxing the mind and body, dealing with challenging emotions and situations, excelling in life and much more. By teaching our children we teach ourselves to look within, use our minds, and be the change we want to see.

I invite you to join me on this quest by clicking here for Next in Mind updates, resources and posts. We may not end up in China as originally planned, but we actually might! The one thing I am sure of is that we are all in this together.

Thanks for reading!

-Gwendolyn Joy