Rough day at school? There's an app for that!

I was invited to teach my 9-year old’s (combined) class of 44 kids an introduction to meditation and some breathing exercises. Honestly, I needed some breathing exercises myself before standing in front of that crowd!

Considering I read that morning 1 in 5 kids will suffer from a mental illness of some kind, I thought “hey, even if just 10 kids heard what I was saying and it helped them, it’ll be worth it!”. It went great, considering it was a room of restless 4th graders post-field trip and recess. One thing really struck me the most – when I asked them, less than 10% the kids had any exposure to meditation, mind/breath exercises.

That is not completely surprising, but it just seems like such a no-brainer! Meditation is simple, free and effective. Until the schools catch up, I am in production of an online course parents can do with their kids to teach them these powerful skills from the comfort of their own homes.

The course will roughly be 7 modules, one a week, made up of videos, meditations and fun exercises that take no more than about 20 minutes. Kids will learn useful mental tools (superpowers) they can use every day and as a result, cultivate a habit of meditation and mindfulness.

I know you what you’re thinking! “That’s sounds great, but I can’t imagine my energetic child sitting still for meditation class”. Which is why I’ve made the course easy, fun and practical!

To make it interesting and relatable for kids, I compare the meditations/mind exercises to superpowers and apps for their mind! Rough day at school? Flu shot making you panic?? Hey, there’s an app for that!

If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your child’s coping skills, deal with anxiety or build a foundation of mindfulness in a time where they need it more than ever – stay tuned! As the course becomes available in the coming weeks, so will early bird pricing opportunities for the first wave.

So back to video production! Which, when your co-star is 9, is a patient process with lots of breaks. Thank you always for reading and being a part of the tribe. Please share Next in Mind with other like-minded parents who could benefit!