One Minute S.T.O.P. Mindfulness Exercise for Kids

I am blown away and incredibly grateful for the support and interest around my vision with Next in Mind, mindfulness and mind tools for kids. It is so reassuring and I appreciate every single message. The thing that really gives me goosebumps is the number of people interested in improving mental health and learning useful mind tools for their kids! The need is there and is so overwhelming. Thank you to all of the smart, mindful, forward thinking people that want to join this society-changing movement, starting in their own homes.

So what can you expect now that you've allowed Next in Mind into your inbox?

  • Useful mind tools and exercises you can implement with your kids

  • Information about meditation/mindfulness/mind tools that will help deepen your understanding of what they are and talk to your kids about them

  • Science-based information that will connect the dots between mental practices and measured effects on the brain

  • Tips on how to create the habit of utilizing next-level mental power for your kids

Life for parents is crowded, pressured, and full of input vying for your attention. I don't take that lightly, so thank you for making this a priority. Personally, I have taken a very deliberate approach to what people, information, emails, social media, entertainment and influence I allow into my brain and space. A kind of mental minimalism, which is easier said than done. I promise to do my very best to provide content that is useful and impactful for you and your kids.

Mindfulness Habit Tip #1 The "One Minute S.T.O.P. Mindfulness Exercise for Kids"

Here is something you can try TODAY and teach your kids. This is a super EASY and effective beginner tool for increasing mindfulness in kids as well as a tool to help lessen crummy feelings they don't know what to do with.

For a visual reminder to refer to, follow Next in Mind on Instagram here, and save the S.T.O.P. graphic.

This is what has worked for me. Over dinner or in the car, bring up this "One Minute Brain Break" you learned about today to your family/kids. When I introduce stuff like this to my kids, I always like to say that I tried it and it's pretty easy and made me feel so much better.

S-TOP - Stop whatever you're doing.

T-AKE A BREATH - Take a big breath in a hold it then let it go

O-BSERVE - Notice how your body feels, your emotions feel, what's going on around you

P-ROCEED - Continue with your activity

Think of it has hitting the reset button for your brain, just like a computer!

When should kids (and adults) use this?

  • Try to incorporate this at regular times every day. Ideally 3x a day, but starting with 1 is awesome. Examples- Before/during/after a snacktime or meal at home or school. When they get home from school/friends house. Before they start a sport/activity practice or homework. Anything they do regularly.

  • When they have a stressful moment! If they are fighting with a sibling, feeling frustrated with friends or parents, feeling mad or sad for whatever reason, feeling nervous or anxious.

This will create a habit of mindfulness and give them something they can do with their mind to combat hard moments. Over time this will become a powerful go-to strategy in their toolbox to tap into the power of their mind.

I strongly believe that the more kids and adults adopt mindfulness practices into their lives the better we will collectively function as a whole. So please share this tool and Next in Mind with anyone you think can benefit. Many Thanks!