My podcast episode with Tejal Patel on inspiring tweens to meditate

I hit the highway a couple of weeks ago to go into the mountains of North Carolina with Cole for a massive "reset". After a couple months of quarantine, Cole and I being glued together 24-7, and recent civil rights movements and protests around the country - we needed a change of scenery. Not to mention a break from the news.

During our time there I holed up in a quiet room to be interviewed by "Meditation for Kids" author and meditating mama and guru, Tejal Patel, for her "Time-in Talks" podcast!

Tejal's inspirational work focuses on younger children (ages 4-8) planting the seeds of meditation so she asked me to talk mom to mom to her listeners about that “coming of age” group (8-13) and how to make meditation COOL for them. ⁣

The energy between Tejal and I is so fun because we are really both "regular" moms trying to raise our kids the best we can (like you). We also happen to be on the same mission to spread mindfulness and meditation to children and parents around the world.

We dish about our favorite tips on how to work mindfulness and meditation into our family's lives while we are running around and our plates are overflowing.

Really pumped for this episode, so message me with your feedback! It's available on Itunes, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Spotify!