How to get my child to SLEEP?

I have googled tips on getting my kids to sleep dozens of times throughout their lives. I think it's legally required when you become a parent that you type into your internet browser something about your baby and sleep within the first week of their life - multiple times. The combination of wanting to protect your own sleep and teach your child good sleep skills is a primal universal one. That's because we know how important it is to our well-being.

I have put into action fans, sound machines, bedtime rituals, blackout curtains and special stuffed animals, And they have done their part to create a cozy sleep environment for my kids. But what happens when they come down the hall and say they still can't fall asleep? Teach them a mental superpower you can send them back to their room with. Play them this 7-minute guided meditation called "The Sleep Elevator".

I believe so strongly in developing our kids' self-reliance and minimizing the dependence on props or devices. When a child gets into bed at night their mind can be a confusing place. All of their thoughts rattling around from the day. I think it's more confusing than ever given the amount of stimulation and input at their fingertips. Video games, social media, Netflix, YouTube... Giving them a mental exercise to relax their mind and body increases their confidence in knowing they can get themselves to sleep without mom or dad, an app or sounds of the rainforest.

The best part of teaching your child this powerful tool is that it will stay with them for life. Maybe your kid is a good sleeper but finds themself at a family member or friend's house and can't fall asleep. Or in a hotel room or tent on vacation. Or they start to get older and school and social pressures mount and they don't crash into sleep like they once used to. Or they become US and well, let's be honest, getting good sleep becomes harder and harder as you get older.

The short of it is. Teach them young mental tools they can rely on for the rest of their lives, no software upgrade needed. Visit the "The Sleep Elevator" and see. Or sleep.