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Welcome to Next in Mind! This website is my emerging space to share my life-changing passion with adults and kids.

When I was 7 years old my mom took me to a weekend long seminar on meditation. I had zero interest in going and it was SUCH a drag to miss Saturday morning cartoons. Fast forward, I am a 43 year old single mom of 2 boys (although one towers over me at 5'9" so "boy" just sounds weird). I can confidently say that the #1 biggest gift in my life, that has made the most impact on who I am and my mental well-being, was that weekend of learning to meditate and the tools I've learned over the years to use my mind.

I believe in using the power of your mind so much that I couldn't let another day pass without trying to give more kids the gift I got that changed my life. Today, in 2019, so many of us are waking up a little uncertain about life in a rapidly changing society with mounting pressures and concerns about how we are living, how our kids are learning to "deal". I take an incredible amount of comfort in the knowing that one of the most valuable and underutilized tools for all of us is right between our ears!

I invite you to follow this journey. I have been working with my own kids, 9 and 14, each with their unique... "challenges" and views on meditation and mindfulness. I promise content, tips, and ideas to come! Where mental health is concerned for kids and adults we can't possibly have enough tools.

In the meantime, reach out! If you're in the Jupiter, Fl area and are interested in learning about these tools for your kids now, drop me a note.

We are all in this together.