Bursting with excitement - the first kids' meditation is here!

Cole, 9, doing a Reset Breath

Woo hoo! Next in Mind's first meditation, "The Reset Breath", is online and I could not be more excited to get this to everyone! And I mean everyone in a giant planetary way. In the past week while I've been working on this, I kept seeing kids and adults in tough situations that could be feeling or coping so much better. I am not judging, I just understand it and totally empathize. I have been more aware of palpable levels of unrest and anxiety and know that people could suffer less if they just had the tools. I just keeping thinking - "kids NEED this, people NEED this!"

My excitement and sense of urgency is stronger than ever because I know the "Next in Mind Method" tools will help people! I have used them for years and am grateful every day that I have them. When I have a wave of anxiety, nervousness, fear, or lose my temper with my kids (yes, that still happens) - I have mental skills to lower my cortisol (stress hormone) levels. That's really where the "Reset Breath" comes in.

Getting started is SO easy, I promise. It's just over one minute. The "Reset Breath" is an easy to use, anywhere/anytime tool for feeling better. That simple. It's also the first building block in the "Next in Mind Method" I mentioned. More on that to come. Click on over to the 1 min. 26 second "Reset Breath" recording. You'll find more explanation on what it is, when to use it and how to teach it to your kids.

Cole, my 9 year old, came home from camp today and (unprompted) told me he used it! He got the air knocked out of him during a rowdy game of dodgeball and said it was super scary. Even though he couldn't "breathe" his mind went right to using this technique. Before long he calmed down, got his breath back and was off and running! I love it.

So Next Level readers, I ask you to consider one of a couple things in exchange for this free tool:

1) Send me a success story. I love hearing about a situation when a child (or an adult) used a mind tool and felt better. Your stories are SO IMPORTANT to making meditation and mindfulness more relatable to children and adults alike.

2) Send me a message if you have a question. I am building an FAQ page and I need your help to make it useful.

3) If you like the "Reset Breath" and can think of 3 people/kids that could use it - please forward it! Let's help each other find the tools that will improve our lives.

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Many, many thanks for reading and for being awesome!