A "viral" kind of weekend

I woke up Saturday morning to group chat on my phone with my childhood friends where one shared a video. It was "The Great Realisation" by Probably Tomfoolery. I watched it, loved it, cried (like many) and decided straight away to share it on Facebook to my Next in Mind page.

It's about hope. A dream of doing things differently on our planet. A kinder, more gentle, balanced way of life. Intrinsic values. What we've taken for granted. The great reset.

NOW - here is where it gets interesting! I went for a bike ride with my 10 year old Cole, came home, looked at my phone and WOW!! The video had gone viral!

I had never seen such a thing. At the time of writing this just the reach on the post I shared was at 1.4 MILLION people! I have spent the last few days connecting and talking with people all over the world. I have pointed them in comments and messages to the author and connected with dozens of people on my mission of bringing meditation and mindfulness to our kids and the world. It has given my Next in Mind page such visibility that I went from 250 page likes to over 1100 today. I definitely believe this is no accident by the universe. It was a total gift.

I have been going live on Facebook and Instagram with Cole teaching kids and their parents how to RESET and meditate - mini-meditation breaks from home schooling and work and new normal stress. We are going live again this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11am EST (all through May) and going to talk about the story of the video and how it has brought us all together.

It is still so mind-blowing to see how the world collectively has rallied around this message of hope. Everyone wants this fairy tale to be true. For all of us to realize the world is full of hope for a brighter future, and this is our chance for the biggest reset of all time. To slow down and look within ourselves for the answers we’ve all been scrambling around to find.

They were with us all along and now the we take a deep breath and reset with the planet.

This "viral" weekend (the irony in the phrase) has been an exercise for me first hand in seeing how we are all one, connected in our hope for a new, better world.