What are Mind Tools?

Mind Tools are mental strategies designed for kids to master their minds.


Think of them like apps for the brain! They can be "downloaded" by reading and listening, practicing and then turned on when needed. The more Mind Tools your child has in their toolbox the more powerful of a mental framework they can build for life.

Next in Mind tools are not just for kids. As a parent, learning and practicing these tools is an important element to instilling them in your kids. So while they have been curated and designed as interesting and fun for kids, they are just as powerful and useful for the adults in their lives that they model. 

With all of the Mind Tools you'll find here on NIM, repetition is key to creating a habit of mindfulness and mental fortitude. Like physical exercise needs to be part of your life to change your body, Mind Tools need to be integrated into your daily life to make positive changes in your mind.    

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