I believe in doing, sharing, & breathing the very things that light your soul on fire. The things you could talk about until 4am. What you would do if you knew you couldn't fail.

This is what brought me to found NEXT IN MIND - to share with the world my passion for empowering people and their children to use their minds to feel better and change the world. Lofty? Yes. Worth a shot? Heck to the yes.

A little more background..


As a child I was given the opportunity to learn about meditation and how to use the power of my mind to solve problems, do well in school and believe in my limitless potential to create whatever life I wanted. Over the years I continued to turn inward and use my mental tools to ground myself, when life threw me curveballs, and to create what I wanted to see in my life. I began to develop my own methods of mind work that became my operating system. It has given me the incredibly important "knowing" that everything is going to be more than ok. That has been the most reassuring peace of mind this practice has given me.  

Fast forward to becoming a mom. I have two boys that I have watched grow at warp speed, encountering challenges that rocked my world. The list is long and not even all-inclusive: attention and mood control issues, academic pressure, dealing with challenging feelings, social media pressure, the intoxication and addiction of electronics, identity challenges and an overall "looking outward" for solutions

The idea I longed for- a more centered, self-directed, and mindful life for my kids became something of a unicorn. I have done my best trying to impart daily "mom ramblings" of mindful insights and play them meditation recordings- but I had no framework. I had no plan to follow. I realized I needed to build this program. For my kids, for all kids.

The Next in Mind Method is that plan. It's your roadmap for teaching your children priceless mind tools that will last a lifetime. I am honored and excited to be your guide.


-   Gwendolyn Joy

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