I'm Gwendolyn Joy Schanda, and yes, that is my real name.


As a precocious child and a bit of an overthinker, I was given the opportunity to learn about meditation — about using the power of my mind to solve problems, do well in school, and believe in my potential.


Over the years, I continued to use these tools to ground myself whenever life threw me curveballs. I even began to develop my own methods of mind work. 

And now, as a single mom, I watch my two boys and their friends go through so much: everything from attention and mood control issues, to academic pressure, to dealing with challenging feelings, social media, electronics addiction, identity challenges, and an overall looking outward for solutions. 

I tried my best to ease their anxieties, but I had no framework: no plan to follow. That's when I realized I needed to build this program — for my kids, and all kids.

Next in Mind is that plan. It's your roadmap for teaching mindfulness tools that will last a lifetime.

Are you ready to see what's next? 


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