A few minutes a week, 
a lifetime of tools

Whether you're looking to ease anxiety, improve focus, or simply prepare for what's next, our method makes building healthy habits easy, stress-free, and fun for the whole family.


Why meditate?

It's proven to reduce stress and anxiety for kids and adults

It makes you more aware of the world around you

It can increase your attention span after only 4 days

I'm Gwendolyn Joy

And yes, that's my real name. As a precocious child, meditation taught me that everything would be okay. And now I want to help others learn the same.

I believe that if every child is given these tools, the next generation's state of mental health will be so much better.

Meditation for families

"Next in Mind is absolutely amazing!! ..... She taught us the Reset Breath which we will all use daily! She was so very kind and went above and beyond to make sure everyone felt comfortable and fully understood how beneficial meditation is."


- Caitlin, a marketing professional from FL

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